{ Birth Photography: Zadok}

Being there in the room when someone is giving birth is one of those experiences that will never leave my mind. When one of my friends was pregnant, we began to talk about the possibility of me photographing the birth of her baby boy. It had been something I had been looking forward to for the months leading up to his birthday.

I have two children of my own, and while I did go into labor with them, I never birthed them, I had a c-section with my twins. I knew this would be a new experience and I was honestly unsure of how I would handle ” the big moment.” you know, when that little baby was shooting out of her 😉
But there was one thing I knew for sure, whatever was going to happen in that apartment would probably forever bond me to the Soliz family. Before the big day, Brittany and I talked about in what capacity she wanted me there, and at first it was ” up near my head.” I felt like Ross in Friends when Rachel kept telling him, ” Near my head Ross. Head, Ross.” And so I was prepared for that. But as labor progressed, right before she started pushing she told me to ” take pictures of everything, she didn’t care.” And so I did. And what I was able to witness was such a beautiful thing.



I was simply amazed and what Brittany was doing. And she was amazing, so strong. And Nick never left her side. The photos of the two of them together are probably some of my favorite. Because it shows the love that these two have for each other.

Zadok was born and I don’t think there was a dry eye in that little living room. I’m surprised I got pictures of that moment so good, since it was through watery eyes.


There was a calm and a peace around the room. The home birth that I was able to experience alongside the midwife and doula was the best experience.



Brittany and Nick, thank you for allowing me to be apart of your son’s birthday. I feel so honored to have been there. And thank you for being such good friends of ours. The lack of sleep was totally worth it.